Content Creation


Paba Media are video production experts. Company owner Paul Baiguerra is an international award winning Director with a background in Production/Post-Production. Paba Media has the resources and ability to produce any of your video needs from simple talking person testimonials through to full-scale television commercials.


“Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.”
– Howard Gossage


Webinars are the content source that keeps on giving, run an event for your clients once in an area of interest, record it, then re-use that content on your site, as a podcast, even transcribe it into an e-book.


“If your advertising looks ugly, consumers will conclude that your product is shoddy and they will be less likely to buy it.” – David Ogilvy.

Substitute in ‘website’ for ‘advertising’ and you can see where we’re going. There are enough eyesores on the internet already, we don’t want to add to that.

Content Syndication

Once upon a time you could build a webpage and traffic would just turn up. That was around 1996. Today it’s not enough just to publish a few blog posts and hope people see it, you need to have a content syndication process that makes sense for your particular audience, and leverages the content you have put time, effort, and resources into producing.